Sanoon Studio of Arts

We are more than a music school, we are a community where students of our music school are more than peers, they are friends. The parents of students at our school are very involved and hands on with, learning to play alongside the children. We offer mommy and me classes, adult group and partnership with parent classes. You wont just find violin and piano lessons but we also offer an early childhood music program and music theory lessons.

Our violin lessons in Mckinney use the Suzuki method. The Suzuki method teaching music using the mother tongue method. Based on the concept that all children who learn how to communicate are intelligent beings, Using their listening skills children pick up a complex language just by listening and then through trial and error they begin to recite words they need to communicate. Learning an instrument is not unlike learning a language, in that we use our auditory skills to play what we hear. Just as we learn to read after we speak, our young violinists learn how to read after they have the neccesary foundation in musicianship. The Suzuki program is a success when both private and group lessons are utilized, parents practice with their children at home on a regular basis and . Students have the opportunity to perform at least twice a year in a formal setting and even more in a casual setting.


Dusty Sanoon

Director & Teacher

Gayoung Park

Piano Instructor

Dusty Sanoon

Director & Teacher

Mrs. Sanoon is a mother of four and director of SAND homeschool cooperative. Coming from a musical family, where both parents were musicians, Mrs. Sanoon grew up in a musical world and has been a teacher for over ten years. She holds professional membership with Suzuki Association of America and has recieved continuous pedagogy training from the institute. She also recieved her music educator training right here in Texas at Collin College.

Gayoung Park

Piano Teacher

She has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance from the UMKC Conservatory and a great deal of experience both teaching and performing on piano. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2007 privately and in university. In her extensive performance career, this piano teacher has performed solo piano recitals, accompanied choirs, vocalists, and church services, played a piano concerto with orchestra, performed with chamber ensembles, and has earned full tuition scholarships and assistantships. This piano teacher's educational qualifications, vast experience, patient nature, and passion for teaching make her piano lessons thorough and engaging, designed towards her students' musical interests, learning styles, and abilities.

Preparing for your first violin lesson

Tools for success

The first step is to schedule an observation. After your intial interview, you will be sized for a violin at the studio where options to rent will be discussed. Items that you will need to purchase are the Suzuki Violin School CD, Volume 1 and Step by Step 1A: An Introduction to Successful Practice for Violin (Book & CD).

Are you ready?

A successful Suzuki student will have a home teacher that is either a parent or family member willing to practice with them every day. The practice coach will attend lessons with their student and take notes even learning the instrument alongside the student. Consistent daily practice and group class attendance ensures progress and motivation to continue growing as a mucisian.

Regular recitals

Available violin lessons are in blue; available piano lessons are in purple. Please note that times may not be updated and need to be confirmed in person.

Our school has two major recitals a year and many smaller ensemble opportunities throughout the year.

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